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KUSA is the only recognised registering body of Shetland Sheepdogs in South Africa
KUSA is a member of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), the biggest canine organization in the world.

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What is KUSA?
KUSA, whose official name is the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, was founded in 1891 as a non-profit making organisation devoted to the advancement and welfare of dogs, particularly purebred ones, as companions to man.

Who makes up KUSA?
Some two hundred affiliated dog clubs; over six thousand members, and a paid office staff in Cape Town.

Who runs KUSA?
The day-to-day running and administration is done by the office in Cape Town, under the direction of the Secretary. All policy matters are decided on by the governing body, the Federal Council, and any subject that is sufficiently motivated can be put to the Council by Club members, through their Club and the local Kennel Union Provincial Council.

Is KUSA organized regionally?
Yes, in that the various Provincial Councils are responsible for matters which specifically affect their area. Everything that affects dogdom nationally, and policy matters, are centralised through the Federal Council.

Is there a council in each of the nine provinces?
No, only because there are either no Dog Clubs, or too few, to form a Council in some of them. The Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Nat al, and Western Province all have their own Councils. The Free State also looks after the Northern Cape, whilst Gauteng, Northwest Province, Mpumalanga and Northern Province all fall under one Council.

What does KUSA actually do?
It is the principal and only fully internationally recognised registry for all breeds of purebred dogs in Southern Africa. KUSA is a member of the South African Sports Commission, the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), has reciprocal agreements with the National Canine Organisations in over ninety countries and is recognised by the South African Stud Book.

The Union makes Rules and Regulations for the Registration of dogs, Breed (Beauty) Shows, Obedience Classes, Working Trials, Dog Jumping, Dog Carting, Field Trials and Agility.

In Southern Africa KUSA sets qualifications for and approves people to judge at its Licensed Shows.

The Union has introduced Canine Good Citizen Tests which may be held by any acceptable organisation or person, whether or not affiliated to KUSA, with successful candidates receiving a numbered certificate.

It liaises with the Sports Council, Government, both central and local, together with the veterinary profession, welfare bodies and commercial organisations on matters of mutual interest.

It supports research into South Africa’s indigenous dogs and publish South Africa’s only dog magazine, with over sixty years of unbroken publication. It provides any enquirer with general and specialist information and make referrals where necessary. Through its library and records KUSA offers the serious student of canine history research facilities

How can I become a member?
Anyone can become a member provided that he/she have not been convicted in a Court of Law of cruelty or neglect of any animal and have not been found guilty of any other offence connected with dogs. However, you cannot become a member if you are under suspension from, or suspended by, any Canine organisation recognised by KUSA.

What about young people? Can they join?
Yes, if they are under eighteen there is a special Junior Rate and they can enter, depending on their age, Children’s or Junior Handler Classes, which are where the Handler is judged, not the dog. Naturally, they can also enter any event open to adults, as well.

Do I have to be a KUSA member to enter a show?
No but your dog must be registered , or in the case of dogs of impure breeding recorded with KUSA or an organisation recognised by The Union.. For more information on Shows you need to obtain our leaflet, ‘So you want to Show your Dog’.



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